At Talk Treats to Me we strive to create the most sustainable, high-quality treats that every pet deserves. Our hand-cut products are made in small batches with honest ingredients — just like we make for our dogs at home. As a family business, our passion for animals has been passed from mother to daughter, and we’re dedicated to honoring a legacy of love and commitment to the highest standard of health.


Michaela | OWNER 



In 2011 husband and wife, Maggie and Bruce founded Talk Treats To Me. Maggie had a background in the food industry and Bruce worked backstage with some of the world's greatest bands.

Early 2011 Maggie’s rescue dog, Saorise ‘seeuh·shuh’, passed from cancer. A cancer that was undoubtedly caused by a very flawed and unregulated pet food industry. 

When Saorise was adopted in 2009 she came with her name and Maggie thought it fit her beautifully as it means freedom in Gaelic.

Once Maggie learned more about the pet food industry’s flaws, she began making dog treats at home for her other dog Lilly. From there Maggie had a mission to make high-quality treats for others as well. Bruce has a love for animals but an even bigger love for Maggie. From there, Talk Treats To Me was born.

Over the next several years Maggie and Bruce grew the business and it became a Hamptons staple. If you’ve been a long-time customer you likely remember meeting them at one of the many farmer’s markets over the summers. 

The year 2020 hit hard. It came with a global pandemic and a returning cancer diagnosis for Maggie. Six months after her diagnosis she passed. Bruce had kept the business going for the following year with the help of Maggie’s daughter, Michaela. 

Today, Bruce has retired and is living life to the fullest while being able to enjoy lots of family time.