All our treats are one ingredient, plain and simple! 

Our meats are the same meats you purchase at the supermarkets and I use to purchase for my catering events.

All meats are USDA approved and restaurant quality. 

All our veggies are bought through our friends at the Farmer's Markets or through our local produce supplier.

We never use preservatives, coloring, added flavors or fillers.

Talk Treats To Me specializes in the following:

  • Homemade
  • One Ingredient Pet Treats
  • Fruits and Vegetable Pet Treats
  • Treats for dogs with allergies
  • All natural dog/cat treats
  • No preservatives or additives dog/cat treats
  • USDA Approved Dog/cat Treats,
  • Healthy Dog/cat Treats
  • And, we're made in the United States (Long Island, NY)