Mixed Yam, Beet, Pineapple & Apple Treats

$ 11.00

There are no secrets here, just fresh, clean and natural yams, beets, pineapple and apples.

These are all treats and none of the sugars that can lead to diabetes in your horse. And, all our fruits and vegetables are locally sourced or from our local restaurant supply store. 

Yams: Crude protein 58.49% min, crude fat 5.36% min, crude fiber 2.3% max, moisture 13.45% max

Beets: Crude protein 8.0% min, crude fat 0.1% min, crude fiber 25.55% max, moisture 13.45% max

Pineapple: Crude protein 4% min, crude fat 2% min, crude fiber 8% max, moisture 32% max

Apple: Crude protein 0% min, crude fat 0% min, crude fiber 4% max, moisture 29% max

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